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19" racks

For your IT, multimedia or network installations and equipment, KIMEX offers you a wide range of distribution cabinets, server cabinets and wall cabinets which provide a large storage capacity, comprehensive cable management options, safe access and numerous cooling systems that meet the most specialised demands. The front door made of tempered glass and key-operated lock on the KIMEX 19-inch distribution cabinet ensure that your equipment will be well protected. Our range of 19-inch wall racks is specially designed to meet the requirements of professionals who need to store IT and network equipment, combining practicality and security. A large selection of depths and heights is complemented, according to your personal requirements, by optional accessories such as shelves, cable protectors, fans, patch panels, power sockets and drawers. KIMEX racks comply with the standard EIA dimensions. For your network installation, don't forget the RJ45 connectors from the KIMEX range.

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