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Ergonomic desks

Our height-adjustable sit-stand desks combine efficacy, robustness, a quality finish and a contemporary design. They are equipped with an electric motor with controls under the tabletop. No physical effort is required to modify the height of the desk; it is completely electric. We can supply the electric frame on its own, which enables you to freely choose what tabletop to attach, or the complete desk. These functional and intelligent desks will allow you to easily change your position. The KIMEX sit-stand desk can be configured to memorise your favourite heights depending on your body type. This will enable you to adopt an active, upright position in the blink of an eye. You're sure to appreciate the purity of the design and the ergonomic functions of the KIMEX sit-stand desk: height adjustable from 62 to 128 cm by digital controls, memorisation of positions, programming of position changes from sitting to standing. 5 tabletop sizes of 120, 150, 160 or 180 x 75 cm; white tabletop and white, grey or black frame. Whether at work or at home, ergonomics are very important for your health when you need to spend a long time in a certain place. So it's essential to be properly equipped. Desk mounts, workstations and CPU mounts can also meet your needs in terms of comfort at your desk.

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