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Floor-to-ceiling mounts

An ingenious solution, this mount is ideal when it is not possible to place your screen on the wall. In this case, it is held by a telescopic column with infinite height adjustment which is positioned between the floor and the ceiling. Set-up is quick, easy and secure thanks to the fixing system on the floor and ceiling. The floor-to-ceiling TV mount is designed so that you gain maximum space in the room. Our floor-to-ceiling screen mounts can hold screens from 32" to 75" and can be adjusted to heights of up to 3 m off the ground. Our floor-to-ceiling mounts enable you to swivel your LED LCD TV screen 360°. This means that wherever you are in the room, the floor-to-ceiling mount will give you an optimum viewing angle at all times. For businesses and public places, you can check out our new range of wire mounts for display screens and monitors, which is based on a height-adjustable cable mechanism. Designed to look good and be versatile, this range guarantees the perfect finish for your installation.

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