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HDMI boxes

Stream on several devices from a single device and source using a KIMEX HDMI splitter. Depending on your requirements, you can simultaneously split a single HDMI source up to 16 times, thanks to our high-performance HDMI splitters. The materials sold by KIMEX are designed to support ultra HD display resolutions on all displays. It is possible to combine your HDMI splitter with an HDMI switcher without losing image quality. The use of an HDMI switch enables you to connect more HDMI cables to a device which does not have enough HDMI ports. Our KIMEX HDMI switch models enable you to add up to 4 additional HDMI inputs to the device of your choice (provided that the latter has at least 1 HDMI port). Each HDMI switch model is equipped with an infrared remote control enabling you to switch quickly and easily from one port to another. The HDMI matrix combines the advantages of an HDMI splitter and an HDMI switch in a single product. This allows you to stream numerous sources on several screens at the same time. HDMI matrices do not impair signal quality no matter how many inputs and outputs there are. To be able to connect your HDMI matrix effectively and securely, don't forget that you will need an HDMI cable, available in different lengths at KIMEX.

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