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Kiosks and floor stands

KIMEX tablet kiosks and floor stands are ideal for use in public places or during professional events such as exhibitions and trade fairs. They enable you to provide visitors at your stand with additional information or even keep them occupied if you're busy with a potential client. Our floor stands range in height from 70 to 110 cm — the ideal height for your visitors to read information comfortably or watch a video on your device. What's more, they can be anchored to the floor and their anti-theft case guarantees optimum safety and security for your equipment. Our range of mounts has many advantages: they can be tilted, turned (landscape/portrait mode) and swivelled; they have an anti-theft system; Wi-Fi connection is possible; they are made of aluminium or steel; it's possible to charge your tablet in the stand; your tablet can be accessed or access to the main button can be blocked. Users of our floor stands appreciate their easy installation and versatility, as they fit most of the models on the market. You can find tablet holders for the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and universal tablets from 7 to 12.9 inches.

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