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Motorised desks

From now on, working standing up part of the day, individually adjusting the height of your desk, optimising your workspace and combining comfort and practicality are fundamental things you can do to improve your health at work. To expand its office furniture range, KIMEX has decided to stock 15 electric sit-stand desk models. With a height that can be adjusted from 62 to 128 cm by digital controls, memorisation of positions, programming of position changes from sitting to standing, to name just a few features, you will appreciate the purity of the design and the ergonomic functions of the KIMEX sit-stand desk. 4 tabletop sizes of 120, 150, 160 or 180 x 75 cm, a white tabletop and white, grey or black frame. You can also opt for just the frame and add the tabletop of your choice. Also intended for co-working, KIMEX sells acoustic partition screens to give your colleagues some privacy. To store your CPU, opt for a wall mount, a desk mount or a floor mount. KIMEX flexible cable trunking is an accessory that is designed to protect cables running from your desk to the floor.

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