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Non-touch video totems

The video totems with an integrated screen supplied by KIMEX respond perfectly to demands for an indoor dynamic display that is easy to use. The ideal professional communication tool for exhibitions and shopping centres, they provide the best visibility for your information campaigns. Composed of a 43, 55 or 65-inch LG Full HD (1920x1080) or Ultra HD 4K (3180 x 2160) resolution screen, these multimedia video totems provide a dynamic display in portrait mode. The video totem operating system, Android 5.1, is very easy to use. Video totems support different audio and video files and are equipped with USB 2.0 (x2), RJ45 (x1) and HDMI (x1) ports and internal 220 V sockets for connecting an additional player. Multimedia video totems can be used alone or in a network and via remote control. With a black or white aluminium frame, the trendy, elegant design of the KIMEX video totems is a nod to the most prominent smartphones.

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