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Our company is committed to the respect of the environment, the respect of everyone's rights and the quality of the products.  

Our environmental impact

We are multiplying initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and our waste.

Reduce paper use

At KIMEX International, we are switching to EDM (Electronic Document Management). This represents more than 25000 documents per year that are no longer printed. This system also allows us to limit the number of emails sent to validate administrative and accounting documents. We wish to reduce the use of paper in our company and fight against deforestation. 

Soft mobilities
Transportation is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. Fortunately, several solutions are available to us: bicycle travel, public transport, electric vehicles and many others. In order to help our employees in this transition, a bicycle shelter and charging stations have been installed. Let's not forget that every gesture counts and that we are all actors of change.

Optimizing container filling
When it comes to transporting goods, every square inch saved makes a real difference. By optimizing our orders as much as possible and choosing bulk over pallets, we save space and reduce the total volume shipped. On a larger scale, this reduces freight journeys and associated emissions.

Product reparability
How about repairing rather than throwing away? We prefer to repair rather than replace with new. When a defective product returns to our premises, it is taken care of by our after-sales service manager. If it is not repairable, the parts are recovered and stored for future repair. Thus, the life of the products is extended and the production of waste is reduced.

Our providers

People must be at the heart of every project and every company.

Build a trusting relationship
We have regular discussions with our suppliers and regularly organize visits to their premises in order to better understand them and their operations. These exchanges assure us of the seriousness and commitment of each one in terms of working conditions.

Working conditions
At KIMEX, people are at the heart of our business and every supplier must share this vision.
We are strongly opposed to child labor and refuse to work with companies that use such practices.

New providers
We have set up a validation process. This takes the form of a test order where we validate the manufacturing quality of their products. The company must meet all our criteria before joining our list of suppliers

Our social engagement

We work every day to improve our social impact.

Health & safety
The global health crisis has changed our lives and the way companies operate. Safety and health have become a priority for KIMEX and all our stakeholders. Measures were taken to respect the rules of physical distance. And every employee has been able to telecommute and/or benefit from personal protective equipment.

Quality of life at work
To work in the best conditions with an efficient tool seems essential to us. For this, our premises have been modernized and redesigned. Each employee has a motorized sit-stand desk, an ergonomic seat and his or her own space. A meeting room and a refectory are also at their disposal. 

Training and skills development
We support our teams by offering them training related to their job. Whether it be technical or managerial skills, each employee can be supported according to his or her needs. KIMEX is also counting on the talents of tomorrow and continues to recruit young people under work-study contracts.

Our quality standards

Our products are selected and tested with great care.

Product quality
The products in our catalog are tested by our suppliers who ensure their proper functioning over time. We carry out a double check in our premises to validate each product. Each screw, each material, is scrupulously inspected. The products are assembled and tested in real conditions.
We ensure a follow-up and remain attentive to our customers in order to improve the quality of our range.

Quality standards
Our products meet various standards that attest to their quality.

The CE marking guarantees the conformity of products sold on the European market. It concerns some of our products. Our LED walls are in accordance with the following European Directives and Standards: 2014/35/EC - LVD and 2014/30/EC - EMC.

The ROHS standard aims to limit the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. This standard concerns our range of connectors and network accessories, and aims to reduce the environmental impact of certain toxic products. By prohibiting the use of certain substances, we avoid generating hazardous waste.