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Discover our digital signage softwares. 

From your browser, create, manage and broadcast your content on a network of screens. Hotels, Communities, Health, Industry... find the solution made for you.

These softwares offer a collaborative, simple and turnkey solution for professionals facing screen management issues.


MAXCOTE's Teledisplay software allows you to create, broadcast and plan the distribution of your content on your screen network. Customer communication, internal communication, information broadcasting... take advantage of an easy to use and intuitive interface.

TeleDisplay revolutionizes its use by offering a collaborative, simple and turnkey solution for professionals facing screen management issues.

Dynamic screen, image wall, Totem, tablet... broadcast on all types of media.

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Create, broadcast and schedule your ideas on your screen network in real time. TV TOOLS is an ultra complete and easy to use digital signage software. Running on Windows and Android, it benefits from the power of these operating systems. SaaS or perpetual license, with or without player, choose the solution adapted to your needs.

TV TOOLS is the ideal tool for the health, hotel, leisure, retail and industrial sectors. From roombooking to legal signage and internal/external communication, choose a solution that will accompany you in all your projects and on all types of media.

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EMITY makes it easy to display any type of content on your screens, including Web feeds, APIs, databases, RSS feeds, weather, traffic, real-estate APIs and much more.

This digital signage solution gives you the option of broadcasting the same content continuously, or managing scheduled broadcasting periods. Dynamic screens, video walls, totems, kiosks, tablets... broadcast to all types of media.
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