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Digital signage for retail professionals

An offer dedicated to health professionals

KIMEX digital signage software allows you to manage multimedia displays on all types of screens, regardless of their location. This software integrates all the tools necessary for the creation of advanced content, as well as a very complete media library.

Static content

Collection and products - Promotional offers - Advertisements - Product demonstrations - Flash sales


Boost the attractiveness of your business - Stimulate sales - Modernize your store - Reinforce your brand image - Reduce waiting time at the cash register - Interact with the customer

Digital totems

Dynamic and tactile content

Online store - Store map - Product sheets - Tips - Competitions

55'' digital totem

With KIMEX touch video totems, you choose design, interactivity and ease of use.

> Discover our tactile totems

Screen walls

KIMEX screen walls allow you to broadcast your advertising campaigns and promote your products on almost infinite display dimensions.

LED walls

High performance technology for a high quality display. An ingenious design for an efficient use. A quality image, bright and vivid.

> Discover our LED walls


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KIMEX also offers accessories, installation and software training. For more information, please contact us: