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Digital signage for healthcare professionals

An offer dedicated to health professionals

KIMEX digital signage software allows you to manage multimedia displays on all types of screens, regardless of their location. This software integrates all the tools necessary for the creation of advanced content, as well as a very complete media library. Digital signage will allow healthcare institutions to relay information campaigns or broadcast specific messages.

Static content

Reception and orientation of patients and visitors - Calling a patient in an expected area - Educational information Private chain Ancillary services (store, cafeteria...)

The benefits

Reduce waiting time thanks to content - Make certain information available for consultation - Soothe and reassure patients - Modernize spaces and make them more pleasant - Accompany patients in their procedures - Explain formalities and safety instructions

Totems and tactile terminals

Dynamic and tactile content

Admissions registration - Modification of the admission file - Update of the health card - Payment of a consultation - Provision of documents - Consultation of schedules and interactive maps


55'' tactile video totem 32'' interactive terminal
With KIMEX touch video totems, you choose design, interactivity and ease of use.                                                                            With KIMEX interactive terminals, you can welcome, inform and guide your patients and simplify their admission process.

Smart TVs for bedrooms

32'' Smart TV

The Smart TV line enables healthcare facilities to provide their patients with the comfort they need through a personalized stay experience.

Smart TVs for waiting rooms

43'' Smart TV

KIMEX Smart TVs are the ideal solution for waiting rooms. You can broadcast informative and entertaining content and reduce the perception of waiting time for patients.

Would you like to know more? 

KIMEX also offers accessories, installation and software training. For more information, please contact us: