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PC screen mounts

So that your PC screen mount can be adapted as well as possible to your work environment, the KIMEX range enables you to choose from models for a single screen or multiple screens. Depending on your layout and set-up, you can choose a PC monitor mount that sits on, or is clamped or screwed to the table. You can also install up to six screens from 13 inches (33 cm) to 32 inches (81 cm) on a mount that can be swivelled, tilted and adjusted in terms of height, providing you with the best user experience. PC mounts give you improved ergonomics and a personalised workspace that is adapted to your needs. Take a look at our buying guide to help you choose your PC screen mount as well as workstations for PC screens. For maximum ergonomics, KIMEX motorised sit-stand desks are a great option.

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