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RJ45 cables

KIMEX RJ45 cables enable data transfer and are used for numerous forms of communication: Internet, telephone and television. We also call them Ethernet cables as they are used to connect to the Internet. This type of cable has four pairs of stranded wires. Two conductor wires are also entwined, which help to reduce interference and offer a better connection. What's more, the RJ45 CAT. 6 F/UTP cable has additional protective shielding. It is equipped with a PVC sheath and protective aluminium foil surrounds the wires. The advantage of this is that there is no disturbance from electromagnetic waves, particularly if you have a number of IT devices. Installing your telephone, television and Internet is made easier thanks to a standard wiring and connection system. The RJ45 cable is the standard cable required for all kinds of communication. Check out our range of racks and distribution cabinets for your network installation.

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