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Tablet mounts

KIMEX offers a full range of tablet kiosks and mounts: anti-theft cases for tabletsto protect your device, tablet kiosks and floor stands which are ideal for keeping your tablet safe and secure in public places, practical tabletop tablet stands so that your tablet is accessible and available for consultation, and tablet wall mounts which are essential for ensuring your tablet is visible when fixed to the wall. These are all simple solutions for keeping your tablet safe and functional. Our tablet mounts hug the contours of the screen, ensuring a perfect fit and hiding the home button so that the device is protected and use is restricted. Mainly aimed at professionals, this type of mount enables a digital interface to be made available, and customised information and multimedia content to be shown, like a display unit. It is perfect for use in a wide range of places: workstations, entrance halls, showrooms, points of sale or public places, where they will be safe and at the same time much more functional and pleasing to the eye. Users of our tablet mounts appreciate their easy installation and versatility, as they fit most of the models on the market. You can find mounts for the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab as well as universal tablets from 7 to 12.9 inches.

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