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Tripod stands

Place your TV screen exactly where you need it. Thanks to the KIMEX tripod TV stand, from now on you will have a stand for your visual equipment that is easy to transport and can be used anytime, anywhere. The KIMEX tripod TV stand is practical and easy to use. Essential for quickly setting up screens up to a size of 70", the tripod stand can be raised to 180 cm for TV screens from 23" to 70". As well as being a sturdy TV stand, it will also provide greater viewing comfort. The tripod stand can be swivelled 360° and tilted to ensure that your screen is in the perfect position. Your television will always be in the right position. The KIMEX tripod TV stand optimises your viewing experience and the appearance of your television. This tripod stand is perfect for exhibitions, presentations, classes, conferences and all other events that you need to travel to.

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