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Video projectors

KIMEX has chosen the brand Vivitek to offer you a range of high-quality professional projectors at the best value for money, perfect for equipping a classroom or meeting room, conference halls or event venues. Video projectors enable you to give presentations to large audiences. Thanks to their large-scale projection and image quality, they grab the attention of the audience. A projector that is attached to or suspended from the ceiling is always ready to use. This saves you time as there is no need to install it every time you use it. When used for teaching, it will enable you to convey a large amount of important information depending on the projection time available to you. For use on the go, choose a portable video projector. Easy to transport and very straightforward to use, the portable projector is the perfect companion for professionals on the go. You simply need to ensure that you have a suitable projector mount for your projections.

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