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Wall mounts

The installation of televisions on the wall is a trend that can be seen in homes, in the living room or bedroom, as well as in company meeting rooms, entrance halls and even gyms. The flat screen is no longer placed on top of a piece of furniture; it is attached to the wall to gain space and create a modern, contemporary look. And it's no longer up to you to adjust to the position of the screen but vice versa. Using a wall mount for your television has numerous advantages in terms of space gain, security and safety and also more comfortable viewing. KIMEX stock a wide range of reliable, innovative, designer TV mounts, enabling you to choose the set-up that best fits your television and your home or work environment. Depending on your screen, your set-up and the surface that it is to be mounted on (brick, stone, concrete, BA13 plasterboard, plaster, etc.), you can choose from our range of fixed, tilt, tilt and swivel, and sliding TV wall mounts or even our angle brackets.

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