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Wall mounts

Functional and universal, projector wall mounts are great when you need to project from the wall of a room. With a swivel arm screwed to the wall, the projected image can be moved to different places according to your needs. KIMEX has a wide range of projector wall mounts that will adapt perfectly to your corporate, commercial, theatre, simulation, teaching or office projects. Before buying your projector mount, you need to know the weight of your projector to ensure that the mount can support it. On average, video projectors weigh around 10 kg. KIMEX projector mounts can hold this weight whilst remaining perfectly stable. To provide your video projectors with the best support, check out our full range of projector mounts, where you can see our extendable electric mounts, projector ceiling mounts and projector trolleys. KIMEX is here to help if you need information or have any technical questions about our video projectors or projector mounts.

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